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About Bugoli Adventures

As a young, growing tour operator for now 6 years, our mission and vision have remained true to our founding principles and values; integrity, doing what is right always, being innovative and creative all the time and service deliver beyond customer expectations. And for these values, Bugoli adventures has been customers’ number one choice for their safaris to Africa.

Given the vast knowledge we possess regarding our country Uganda and the entire region, and the long lasting relationships with communities and local destination managers, we tailor for our clients unforgettable journeys that astonish and meet each and everyone’s needs. We operate in over 4 east African countries including Uganda, Rwanda, D.R. Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar and we boast over 100 unique travel experiences that we provide off our shelves. That intimacy, authenticity and trustworthy are what connect us deeply with our clientele worldwide, and our safari guides are the best traveling companions you will ever find.

With Bugoli Adventures, you get to experience Africa beyond ordinary as we keep up creativity and model our packages to satisfy your ever changing travel needs.

We know that an African Safari is not only about visiting incredible destinations, but connecting with them in a personal and authentic way; we believe that travel in its true meaning should be both joy and personal passion for every participant.

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Our Staff

From company Directors to travel consultants and to the field guides, the average experience is over 10 years, in addition to professionalism, great customer care and friendly…a guarantee of memorable trips. Our safari guides are excellent drivers, knowledgeable about all the destinations, quick decision makers, an understanding of more than one international languages and handle all safari details seamlessly. Such a team makes your safari holiday moments truly remarkable!

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Quality services

Quality is our top priority; because we do believe quality is way better than quantity! One perfectly planned safari is better than 10 trips which are not properly planned.

Peace of mind

Our emergency call center is open 24 hours / 7 days to handle all queries, whether during a trip or during the booking process. Be rest assured that with us, you will never get stuck at any one moment.


Explore more than you expect, ranging from wildlife, mountain and lowland gorillas, bird watching, game drives, sun bathing on the beaches of Zanzibar...

Combine Safaris

Unequalled scenic viewing, swim in Lake Bunyonyi, chimpanzee trekking, cultural mingling, camping in the midst of savannah park or in a lush forest, boat trips on Africa’s longest river, and so much more.

Our Ethos

We make sure our environmental and social footprint is light and that the benefits of traveling with Bugoli adventures should be visible within the communities where we operate.

We are proud to say that a large percentage of profits from each trip we make goes back to communities to support grass roots sustainable projects like schools, orphanages, widows, hospitals, clean water and so many other livelihood projects.

Group trips with Bugoli Adventures

We provide big group safaris like no any other company in Africa.

Our guests tell us that joining new people on the road makes safari experiences truly remarkable, traveling with like – minded people and making new friends on a trip, mingling into insightful cultures, going on game drives, primate trekking, boat cruises, hot air balloon safaris, nature walks and enjoying landscapes is a big part of Bugoli Adventures experience.

The Value of Our Trips

We make sure you get the best value of your money, and that’s what satisfactory travel is all about. We understand it’s not about minimizing expenditure but about what you get in return for any penny you spend.

Therefore, our exclusive experiences, unique accommodation facilities and warm service often supersedes our clients’ expectations and reflects value for money. and that’s why we say a trip with Bugoli adventures is worth every penny!

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