Uganda Safaris

Uganda Safaris

Home to some of world’s popular parks, Uganda is remarkably rich with green pristine natural tourism destinations providing wide range of adventure and leisure experiences for travelers to enjoy. This country owns an array of endangered primates, not limited to gorillas, chimps as well other faunal species that dwell within its remote national parks, including Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Kidepo Valley and Murchison falls national parks.

Uganda is home to endless biodiversity options, ranging from wetland habitats, mountains, misty forests and plain savannah, all that favor the existence of various fauna, flora and bird species. It is without doubt that this country can offer all this wonder at one go than any other country in Africa.

The most unique tour experiences in Uganda basically entails trekking in the high-altitude jungles of Bwindi and Mgahinga parks for the epic gorillas, or perhaps in the lowland forests of Kibale and Semuliki for the mesmerizing chimpanzees.

On the other hand, the epic game viewing experiences in some savannah parks are equally remarkable; these include Queen Elizabeth national park, Murchison falls, Kidepo valley and Lake Mburo national parks. The high mountains of Elgon and Rwenzoris offer adventurous hiking experiences while the tranquil Lake Bunyonyi, tucked away in the highlands of Kigezi offer a complete hideaway and relaxation from this excitement.

While on a Uganda safari, don’t worry about accommodation; an array of all sorts of lodges and classic tents is all available for you to choose. Enjoy great cuisine, an African bon fire and amazing savannah views.

Uganda is well connected, from south western corner to the furthest north-eastern corner. There are daily flights that carry travelers from one distant national park to the other, as well as tarmacked roads that make transfers between different destinations around the country. It is from this cocktail of unforgettable safari moments, that Uganda has emerged as the most sought after tourism destinations not only in Africa, but also world over.

Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda

Believe it or not, Uganda is still home to more than 50% of world population of mountain gorillas. With an excess of 17 gorilla families dwelling in both Mgahinga and Bwindi national parks, tourists flock Uganda in search of this remarkable experience, as well as more activities.

With the increasing price of trekking gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda has continued to gain more world recognition because of its affordable rates of gorilla permits but also the exclusivity of the activity itself. Gorilla trekking in Uganda tales place in the four sectors where these families have been habituated and developed for trekking on daily basis; these include Rushaga, Buhoma, Ruhija and Nkuringo sectors.

Rushaga on the other hand is home to another exciting adventure where visitors are allowed to follow a non-habituated family of gorillas as they view it, and join scientists in the process of making it used to human presence.

Discovering other wildlife, away from gorilla trekking.

The most notable wildlife encounter is undoubtedly chimpanzee trekking in Kibale forest, Budongo forest and Kyambura gorge. The magical one-on-one meeting with man’s closest cousins as well as the grunting echoes of their voices through the canopy is something not to be missed. while half day trekking is mostly done, but also full day chimp habituation experience is highly recommended for a more personal experience.

Birdlife is abundant in Uganda as well, as here you will find some Important Birding Areas like Bigodi wetlands, Mabamba bay on Lake Victoria, Semuliki valley in western Uganda and Budongo forest. Over 1000 species of birds are said to be dwelling in Uganda, making it a one-stop spot for birding enthusiasts.

Adventure in Uganda

Not all that Uganda has is wildlife! Jinja is the prime adventure capital in the region, where white water rafting adventure happens daily, as well bungee jumping, tubing the Nile, Kayaking, boat cruise to explore the source of Nile and quad bikes.

Murchison falls national park on the other hand offers an opportunity for travelers to enjoy tranquil boat trips, to either explore the Nile delta or bottom of the waterfalls.

Uganda’s Big Seven

When it comes to wildlife, Uganda is not home to the traditional Big Five, but to the Big Five that are well inhabited in the savannah parks.The Big seven of Uganda include buffaloes, Leopards, hippos,lions, elephants, rhinos and chimps. The Kazinga channel, Ishasha wilderness, Kyambura, Lake Mburo, are some of the catchment areas where hundreds of thousands of animals gather in huge numbers, to relax or quench their thirst in the afternoon.

Uganda Safaris


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