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Batwa women

The smiles, religion, drum beat, cuisines, dress code, colors, stories, dances and art and craft; what more? Cultural safaris in Uganda are one of its kind and unforgettable. There are Over 56 cultures; with unique food, beliefs and outfits, yet so welcoming and exciting. This safari is another trend embraced by several travelers globally; either as an independent package or addition to wildlife, hiking or Gorilla trekking safari. A cultural safari in particular helps one to learn more about supporting the vulnerable communities, have fun during a safari and appreciate the cultural setting.

Ugandans are ranked among the top ten hospitable people in the world; and this you will confirm through the sweet melodies, warm welcome at the airport, their local cuisines, and numerous performances during a village walk. Uganda's cultural safaris give one a chance of uncovering the historical and present cultural treasures in the country, before heading to the villages to physically learn how locals carry on with their daily lives, as well as enjoy the local performances.

 In line with the pre-historical error, you will have the opportunity of visiting the Kasubi tombs where the ancient kings were buried, kingdoms to ascertain the influence of kings in the life's of their subjects such as the Buganda, Toro, Busoga, and the Bunyoro kingdom; the museum to uncover the countries artifacts and historical treasures; the monuments such as independence monument and kabaka mutesa 1 statue among others. Before exiting the city, one or more souvenirs will work.

One can take cultural safaris to the east, west, north, or central Uganda, and enjoy unmatched cultural performances;

Eastern Uganda

Eastern Uganda is one of the most remarkable destinations in the nation with a diversity of cultural institutions and cultures notably; The Itesot, Bagisu, Sabiny, the Basoga, and the Japadhola among others. All these have a unique story and setting that when you visit them, you will be amazed; most especially the Bagisus, situated in the base of the renowned mountain Elgon in Mbale city.

A visit to the bagisus is a call in waiting. their showcase to visitors three things that can't be found elsewhere in the country; the circumcision ritual (imbalu ceremony) with their famous drum beat known as Kadodi-one of the kinds; the traditional food known as Kamalewa and got from fiber plants, and then the famous Arabica coffee.  A day or more is very recommendable, as fun will be the highlight, with an option of visiting the magical sippi falls, and Nyero rock painting.

Western Uganda

Western Uganda is yet another rewarding destination for a cultural safari in the country. Several cultures spread in all the corners; notably the Bakonjo, bahima, Banyankole, and Batwa among others.  However, your trip shouldn't end with a visit to; Igongo cultural center; a one-stop center for all the cultures in western Uganda. Igongo has a museum with collections of all artifacts and cultural tools of the region. Also, several cultures come and entertain visitors through dances, songs and stories, yet the local meals are one other thing to enjoy.

The Batwa pygmies are other people not to miss out; renowned former hunters and gatherers in the Jungles of Bwindi and Mgahinga. They are reportedly believed to be among the shortest people in the country. And take visitors through thrilling performances, visiting their local caves and many more.

Batwa people’s rich knowledge about botany and wildlife sets them apart from the rest. The other things and people you will not want to miss out during your cultural visit in this region include the Bakonjo, plantation tour and milking the Ankole long-horned cattle.

Central Uganda

One may wonder what cultural attractions can be found in the heart of a magnificent country like Uganda, Yes, there are lots of cultural attractions to look out for before even proceeding to the renowned Buganda kingdom or Itanda community. The notable destinations to visit include the King's palace in mengo, Kasubi tombs, and so much more.

Many know Buganda culture because it influenced the country's independence and pre-colonial error. However, you must stretch your understanding of their local dances, cuisine (Luwombo), and Kojja-Senga talk.

Northern Uganda

A cultural safari to the northern part of Uganda is very rewarding; and presents an opportunity of having fun, relaxation, and adventure. There are several cultures to look out for though the two you will not want to miss out include; The Ik and the Karamojong people. The Ik people are believed to be the original Ugandans, whose origin remains a mystery. They are cattle keepers who depend on animals for wealth and other use.

The Karamojong are the other cultures with a unique way of life; they are also cattle keepers and depend on it for wealth and several other uses. Interesting, their cultural dance, stories, and dress cord can't be forgotten, its part of their culture to feed on blood, move either naked or half-naked, and live on local huts - Manyatta.

You can have your cultural safari in Uganda at any time of the year, though the dry season is the most recommendable; June to October and December to February. And be informed that as you visit these cultures; endeavor to respect the norms, dress decently, follow instructions given and try to participate in the activities the locals are engaging in.

In conclusion, a cultural safari in Uganda is worth your money and time. One or more days with the different cultures in the country will surely put smiles on your face and heart with unforgettable memories.

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