13 Days Rwanda and Uganda Combined Safari

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Here comes an Unforgettable safari offer across the borders of two top travel destinations in the world though located in the east of Africa; a trip that combines primate trekking and wildlife viewing, guided by an expert travel guide. You will visit Murchison falls national park; home to the most powerful waterfalls, Semuliki national park; home to the captivation hot springs; Queen Elizabeth for tree-climbing lions, Volcanoes national park for mountain gorillas, and Nyungwe national park for chimpanzees.

Also, there will be city tours, boat cruise and canopy walks, but not forgetting the remarkable relaxation at the lakeshores of Lake Kivu. You will start the adventure from Uganda and end in Rwanda.

Detailed safari

Day 1: Pickup from Entebbe airport and city Tour

Upon landing at the airport, our driver-guide will happily welcome you to the pearl of Africa with a smile, proceeding with a briefing that will cover all your questions, and what to expect in this unforgettable 13-days adventure. After briefing and sharing a glass of juice, you will drive to the local markets to purchase a few items needed for the safari and learn about the cultures of the city dwellers.

Thereafter, you will have a lunch break, followed by a drive to the museum to learn of the different cultural and historical treasures of Uganda. You will then proceed to your Hotel around town for a splendid dinner meal and a nap.

Day 2: Drive to Murchison falls NP via Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

After breakfast, you will join your driver-guide for an amazing 5-6-hour drive to Murchison fall's national park while enjoying the beautiful views of plantations, busy towns, and undulating Hills among others. There will be a one to two-hour drive to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to track one of Africa's Big5; the Rhinos, followed by lunch, before proceeding to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Murchison falls NP - Morning game drive and Boat cruise along Victoria Nile

After a morning delicious breakfast meal, you will checkout of the lodge very early in the morning with a ferry crossing to the north side in case you are in the southern part of the park. 3-4 hoursí game viewing experience starts, traversing all the different corners of the region with chances of spotting an array of mammals such as the zebras, giraffes, numerous antelope species, elephants, buffaloes, leopards and Leopards among other; birds such the rare shoebill stock, crested cranes, and the geenefowls among others; plants such as the whistling acacia; primates such as baboons and reptiles among others.

Thereafter, you will have a lunch break, followed by an evening boat cruise to the bottom of the most powerful waterfalls on earth.  The thunders will signal safe arrival, as you stop to take photos and watch the waters squeeze in the 7-meter gauge to the Nile River. Additionally, you will encounter several residents in the waters, inclusive of the Nile crocodiles, hippotamus, mammals, and birds among others. When all is done, supper and an overnight nap sums up the day.

Day 4: Morning top of the falls drive and drive to Semuliki national park

After early morning breakfast, you will have a rewarding top of the falls tour to explore the magnificent bubbling waters, Uhuru falls, take photos, and watch the rainbow on a good day and glance at several other captivating features.

Thereafter, you will join the driver guide for a long hour transfer to Semuliki national park, while enjoying the plantations, mountain Rwenzori backdrop, and en-route Lunch. You will arrive at the park late in the evening for dinner and a nap.

Day 5: Guided nature walk- Sempaya hot springs and chimp trekking

After enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, you will start your day with a guided nature walk to enjoy the beautiful views and amazing sceneries. You will head to sempaya Hot springs to take a view of this unique attraction in the park and as well boil and eat an egg. This shape of a female hot spring is very thought-provoking, besides its formation and uniqueness as considered the locals as a sacred place.

Thereafter, you will return for lunch and then spend the entire evening enjoying a game drive or chimp trekking with the expectation of spotting the lovely chimpanzees, preys and predators in this wilderness. Dinner and a peaceful sleep close this day.

Day 6: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park-evening boat cruise

After a relaxed morning breakfast meal, you will have a 2-3 hoursí drive to Queen Elizabeth national park; a medley of wonders, while enjoying amazing views of plantations, Mount Rwenzori backdrop, and scattered homesteads.

You will arrive at the lodge for lunch, and then head for an evening boat cruise at Kazinga channel; home to hippos, crocodiles, several birds, and mammals quenching their thirst. You will end this day with dinner, followed by overnight.

Day 7: Full day game drive in Kasenyi sector and visit the tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector

At daybreak, you will enjoy an amazing breakfast meal, followed by an exit from the lodge for a full day game drive in the vast savannah marked plains, where prey and predators will be the sought - after namely; lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, warthogs, zebras and several antelope species; Birds such as the crested cranes and the captivating landscape.

After the first hours, you will have a picnic lunch break, before heading to the Ishasha sector to track tree-climbing lions. Dinner and a deep slumber bring this day to an end.

Day 8: Cross to Rwanda - Volcanoes National Park

Aftersuccessful days in Uganda, you will have a splendidbreakfast meal at the lodge, and then checkout of lodge early in the morning for a scenic drive to Volcanoes national park in northern Rwanda via the scenic Cyanika border post in Kisoro district.

The undulating hills and flourishing plantations of Rwanda will truly be one thing not to forget about the long drive, as you arrive at the lodge late in the evening for relaxation, dinner, and a night of amazing sleep.

Day 9: Mountain Gorilla trekking and Cultural escapade

After a hefty breakfast meal early morning, you will pick your hiking equipment, as well as packed Lunch in case the lodge is far and proceed to the park for registration and pre trekking briefing that starts at 08:00 hours for about 30-50 minutes by the park rangers. They will explain the doís and doníts while in the Jungle, and then give company inquest of the Gorilla family of your choice, right from the point they were last seen.

Mountain gorillas are unique gorilla species found only in Africa, and tracking them takes about 5 hours depending on where they have gone, as well as one other hour for watching and taking photos. There are numerous birds, primates, and plants you will come across while in this venture that will change the story.

After Gorilla trekking, you will get a lunch break, and head to Ibyiwachu village, located just outside of the park to watch, learn and participate in different activities of the Rwandese natives such as dancing, singing and clapping hands among others. After a hectic day, dinner and a nap at the lodge will mark success.

Day 10: Transfer to Nyungwe national park

At sunrise, you will enjoy a breakfast meal first, and then exit the lodge for a 4-6 hoursí drive to Nyungwe national park, via a smooth road decorated by plantations, undulating hills, and scattered homesteads.

Your lunch will be at Lake Kivu; before proceeding with a canoe to Nyungwe forest; home to over 13 unique primate species, with chimpanzees inclusive. You will arrive at the lodge late in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Day 11: Nyungwe forest - Chimpanzee trekking experience and canopy walk adventure

After early morning breakfast, the driver guide will take you to the park headquarters for briefing, before the commencement of the Hike. The rangers will elaborate on the relationship between the chimpanzees and man, as well as the rules and regulations to be followed while with the primates in the jungle.

There are over 13 unique primate species in this Jungle, and you the chance of spotting them while on the quest for your cuisines - the Chimpanzees; A hike that can last for approximately 1-6 hours depending on your pace and distance the creatures have taken, plus one hour of exclusive photography and chimpanzee observation.

After trekking, you will return to the lodge for lunch, before spending the evening at the canopy walk way, relaxing, taking photos, watching the birds and primates on the treetop, yet not forgetting the captivating landscapes dotted with primates and bird species. The day ends with dinner and overnight late in the evening.

Day 12: Explore Lake Kivu

At sunrise, there will be breakfast served at the lodge before transferring to Lake Kivu; Rwanda's largest freshwater Lake for refreshment, Lunch, and then participation in several activities such as swimming, canoeing, and photography at a very captivating ambiance.

Hundreds of visitors come to spend their quality time relaxing, and enjoying the cool breeze after adventurous safaris of a long week.

Day 13: Departure

After a delicious breakfast meal at the lodge, you will have some brief activities around Lake Kivu; Rwanda's largest freshwater lake, and then amazing drive to the airport; but with a stopover at various scenic points for photographyor learning more about Rwanda's cultures.

End of safari

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